Our queens are produced from local survivor stock that is both gentle and good honey producers. We select our queens based on their temperament, honey production, spring/brood buildup, and varroa resistance/hygienic behavior




Nucs and established hives

We sell both fully established hives as well as 5 frame deep nucs.


If you are interested in buying a fully established hive, please contact us since the price will vary widely based on the size & season.


Nucs will have 5 frames of bees with brood, pollen, honey, and a laying Queen. The bees are local survivor stock. They are a gentle bee that broods up early and is a great honey producer.


At home, you will need your own deep hive body, bottom board, at least 3 empty frames w/ internal feeder, a lid, a hive tool, a bee veil or jacket, beekeeping gloves, and a smoker.


All you need to bring when you pick up your bees is a veil or jacket and a pair of gloves.


Call or text Mike at 936-349-6453 or email hilltophivesco@gmail.com for more info