Texas Honey

Our Texas honey has a distinct, delicious flavor. We are blessed to be surrounded by a variety of tasty nectar sources such as yaupon, lots of different wildflowers and horsemint.



Our honey is raw & unfiltered. “Raw” simply means it is never heated or pasteurized. Pasteurized honey has been exposed to high heat while being processed. During the heating process, the yeast that is naturally present in honey will be destroyed, giving it a smoother texture. Unfortunately, the high heat also destroys most of the honey’s nutritional properties.



Unfiltered Honey: “Filtering” honey means processing the honey to remove very small particles, often even as small as the pollen. Filtering honey is not the same as straining honey, which is commonly done to remove bee parts and other large debris prior to jarring while still retaining the pollen and other beneficial qualities of honey. 



Note that crystallization is a normal process that happens with REAL honey. Honey that has crystalized is not old, spoiled, or in need of being tossed out.  Real Honey NEVER goes bad. 


$13 for 1 lb., 2 lbs. for $25

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is one of the finest beehive products available. It has a mild flavor, spreads like butter at ordinary room temperature, and unlike liquid honey, it doesn’t drip. 


There is no cream in creamed honey. Creamed honey is really crystallized or granulated honey. Well-made creamed honey possesses a creamy texture, hence the name, because the crystallization process has been precisely controlled. Creamed honey is made from natural ingredients so expect some variation in this product.


We have several delicious flavors to choose from including Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Peach, and even Pumpkin Spice (and other seasonal flavors). Try them all!


Creamed honey is $15 per tub.

Tasty Treats

Sweet sauce — We took some of our delicious hilltop hives co. honey and combined it with lots of other savory ingredients to create an awesome BBQ sauce that we like to call Sweet Sauce. Some say it’s the best they’ve ever had.  $8/bottle


Cinnamon Honey Butter  This yummy spread is our take on the famous steak house (not mentioning any names) cinnamon honey butter minus the preservatives, processed sugars, and other additives of course. We use our very own hilltop hives co. honey, fresh butter, all-natural pure vanilla extract, and pure cinnamon. Warning: This stuff is addictive! $10/tub


Honey Butter Syrup — Just three simple all natural ingredients make up this amazing syrup.  Unlike the butter flavored syrup you buy from the store, which is mostly corn syrup and chemicals to make it taste like butter, our Honey Butter Syrup is made from our own hilltop hives co. honey, fresh butter, and all-natural pure vanilla extract. Pancakes have never tasted so good! $10/bottle


So So sauce — It’s so good and so hot…hence the name. A mustard-based sauce that’s great on breakfast tacos, pizza, fish, and anything else you can think of. $5/bottle


Hot Flash — This vinegar-based sauce will take your pork, beef, and chicken to the next level. $5/bottle


Pure Beeswax

100% Pure Raw Beeswax. We sell only beeswax made from our honeybees so we know it’s natural, 100% pure beeswax ~ Just the way our bees made it!


Our pure Texas beeswax is $1 per ounce or $10 for a 1-pound bar.

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